Our Commitments

At Rezac Law, we are
lawyers above all.


And because we are lawyers, the values of commitment are deeply embedded in our DNA. They are values of listening, assistance and defense, for the poorest as well as the wealthiest. This is part of a strict and ancient deontological framework. But we are not naïve and we know that this commitment, without denying our fundamental values, must be part of the competitive economic and social framework in which our clients evolve.

For this reason, we are committed with strength and determination alongside our clients, but we are also committed to the underprivileged by taking part in Pro Bono defense missions, i.e. free of charge, to enable the underprivileged to have access to professional and quality defense.


We are also committed to the planet

because we are convinced that an economic ecosystem must and can be part of a responsible and sustainable system. This determination is always underlying our thinking and actions. And in a more practical way, because just an idea means nothing without action, we participate in research programs in the Arctic and Antarctic zones, the source of life on our planet.

Our emblem, the Emperor Penguin, symbolizes this double commitment:

altruism and
environmental responsibility


It is a stubborn, obstinate bird, which lives in extremely hostile environments, but which knows how to show devotion, gentleness and fidelity, preserving with infinite care the parcel of life that has been entrusted to it, especially thanks to its ingenuity. We named him Max.

Values that carry Rezac Law everyday.


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